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World of Coding

Disney Codeillusion makes learning to code
easy, fun and absolutely magical.

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Anyone can be the hero of their Disney Codeillusion coding adventure, including:

Your inner coding magician

Curious and creative kids

Gaming enthusiasts or digital adventurers

Innovative teachers and educators

How it Works

The comprehensive program teaches computer programming skills
through an interactive learning environment.

Step-By-Step Program
for Coding Success

Master coding fundamentals and beyond through step-by-step instructions as you and some of your favorite Disney characters navigate each lesson.

A Proven Learning Model

Thanks to over ten years of research and coding education experience, Disney Codeillusion has developed a learning system for everyone regardless of their experience level.

Inspiring Students with
Disney Magic

Throughout your coding adventure, Disney Codeillusion sets mini goals and targets along the way. You will see your progress, celebrate your accomplishments, and be motivated to keep learning.

Teaching Essential
Knowledge and Practical Skills

Teaching Essential Knowledge and Practical Skills

  • Game Development
  • Web Design
  • Media Art
  • 4 Core Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing

What's Included

  • 125 Lessons

  • 14 Original

    Disney Scenes

  • 30 min

    Average per lesson

  • 4 Languages

    HTML, Javascript, Processing & CSS

  • Magic Book

  • Mystery Puzzles

  • Commemorative Postcards

  • Virtual Mentor

What Makes Disney
Codeillusion So Unique?

Easy and Engaging Coding Education

Disney Codeillusion makes learning to code entertaining and enjoyable with an easy-to-follow program, detailed step-by-step guides, enchanting curriculum, and much more.

Official Coding Collaboration with Disney

The imagination of Disney brings you into an immersive learning environment filled with beloved characters. Enjoy Frozen coding lessons with Elsa, tackle coding challenges with Goofy and Donald, and enjoy all the magic of Disney in a fun, comprehensive coding experience.

The Magic of Disney Codeillusion Online and Offline

Disney Codeillusion equips you with the necessary materials for your online and offline worlds to collide bringing your digital learning to life in the real world. With interactive materials and activities online and off, students will be excited to continue their coding education journey.

Entertainment and Education

Disney Codeillusion combines masterful Disney storytelling with expert coding education through a role-playing learning format. In this imaginative digital classroom, you will become your own coding magician:

  • Create Stunning Digital Media Art – After learning the coding languages of Programming and JavaScript, you will make moving digital art pieces featuring some of your favorite Disney characters.
  • Practice Game Development – You can create games of all styles that move Disney characters through exciting original movie scenes and enchanting displays.
  • Learn Web Design – You will master the basics of homepage and web development through HTML and CSS by building your own unique websites.

What Our
Students are Saying

Disney Codeillusion is unlike any online course I’ve ever seen before! It’s more of an interactive journey than a course and it makes it more interesting for learning.

The Friendly Reviewer

When I started using Disney Codeillusion my husband had to remind me to get off of the computer. It was so engaging I never wanted to stop. I had to put a schedule in place to make sure I took time for other things.

Rhemy, Age 34

I like it because you can draw stuff and code stuff. I want to program more because of it!

Logan, Age 9

I’ve tried multiple other programs but Disney Codeillusion was the only one that made coding fun! I can code some of my favorite Disney scenes with all my favorite characters. With Disney Codeillusion, basic concepts are repeated throughout each lesson which makes learning even easier.

Sabrina, Age 27

It’s very well done, and I personally plan on continuing to dive further in. Maybe there’s a game coding career in my future.

Scott Kramer of Forbes