6 Must-Have Components of a Successful K-12 Computer Science Pathway

In today’s digital, interconnected world computer science education in K-12 has become more important than ever. More states are requiring computer science as part of the core curriculum; however, many school systems are finding it a challenge to craft and offer programs dedicated to this vital subject and often don’t offer any courses until students reach high school. 

Similar to language learning, the earlier students are exposed to computer science subjects, the more likely they are to develop an interest and the easier it is to learn. To prepare students to succeed in the 21st century, computer science must be strategically integrated from the start. But what does such an instructional CS pathway look like?

This white paper outlines six key components that Life is Tech and our robust curriculum offering, including Disney Codeillusion, can assist with:

  1. Year-Over-Year Progression and Growth Plans–students require a curriculum that builds, challenges, and grows alongside them.
  2. Exposure to All Elements of CS–A well-rounded CS curriculum should touch on the five elements of computational thinking: abstraction, algorithm, data, programming and development, modeling and simulation.
  3. Easy to Implement Programs–it’s not enough for a program to fit in your school's tech stack. It needs to meet curriculum requirements. Ease of use for teachers is critical.
  4. Real-World Applicability to Develop Career Readiness–CS curriculum should equip students with the tools, knowledge, and skills they’ll need to get ahead in life outside of the classroom once they graduate.
  5. Strong Engagement for Students and Educators–when CS curriculum is done right, students are engaged and motivated to learn. Teachers can spend more time with their students and build connections. 
  6. Resources to Train and Develop Educators–it’s paramount that a teacher’s continued professional development, training, and support are prioritized, especially if they are teaching a subject that they are not familiar with.

Setting up a CS program doesn’t have to be difficult–having a proven process and experienced partner can help you get on the right track. 

Read the white paper and contact us to discuss setting up a K-12 CS pathway in your school or district. Whether you want to start small with one class or implement district-wide, Life is Tech can help!

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