When it comes to coding, adult learners face their own unique set of challenges. For one, programming can be difficult, and it takes a significant amount of time to understand, practice, and retain the information. When an error occurs, the experience can quickly become frustrating — it’s why online coding courses have less than a 10% completion rate. Disney Codeillusion understands these challenges and provides you with an environment that’s not only built for your success but also makes coding lessons enjoyable.

Why Most Adult Coding Programs Don’t Work

Coding can expand your career horizons, strengthen your resume, and even open up new worlds of creative expression. But as a beginner or an adult learner, there are some serious obstacles on the road to coding mastery, including:

1. Overly-Complex Coding Classes

Adult coding courses for beginners can be complex and challenging. Adult coding curriculums and coding bootcamps tend to throw you in the deep end with limited resources. The intimidation and complexity of these programs can take a tremendous toll on your learning experience.

2. Insubstantial Learning Support

Coding courses online (and in-person) don’t always offer extensive, step-by-step guidance to help you put lessons into practice. You typically do not receive the help you need to understand your mistakes and learn from them in a constructive and effective way.

3. Inflexibility of Coding Programs

As an adult, your time is precious. Most coding courses don’t offer the flexibility you need to learn at your own pace according to your schedule. These rigid course offerings may cause you to fall behind in your coding education.

4. Lack of Engagement

It's harder to learn new things when you’re bored - and even harder to keep your motivation to stick with it. When you’re excited, engaged, and invested in the learning experience, you retain more information. Unfortunately, most courses that teach coding for adults don’t always focus on the engagement aspect of their curriculum. Without that key element of fun, it’s much more difficult to nail the fundamentals of coding.

5. Difficulty Sticking With It

With all of the challenges and obstacles to face, you lose sight of the reason you started to learn coding. The burden of time, understanding, and frustration makes learning to code not worth it. In fact, only 10% of coding students complete their coding courses.

Learning to code can be especially daunting, but the benefits include much more than just building websites or creating games. Coding skills also:

Increase your earning potential

Give you new perspectives on efficient problem-solving

Expand and diversify your career opportunities

Offer a creative outlet in digital media art and game design

With the right course, you can practice at your own pace and on your schedule. Plus, you’ll find the step-by-step guidance you need to have fun along the way.

Adult Coding with a Hint of Magic

Disney Codeillusion offers a comprehensive solution for those who want to add coding skills to their toolkit. It's never too late to start taking coding classes for beginners. The creative course design leverages engaging coding tutorials, lessons, and challenges. It’s coding made simple, intuitive, and best of all, fun.

1. Decoding the Complexities of Programming

The Disney Codeillusion classroom was designed for a frustration-free learning experience. From coding classes for beginners to complex topics and programming languages, all are translated into accessible lessons for every experience level, no matter how much coding knowledge you start with.

2. Hints at the Ready

Disney Codeillusion's coding program gives you step-by-step guidance thanks to intentional curriculum and a virtual mentor for every lesson. Our online coding course is integrated with detailed instructions to help beginning coders practice and master key programming skills and coding language. And even if you do get stuck on a problem or task, interactive hints are available to help you through every part of your coding journey.

3. Building Skills One Step at a Time

Instead of throwing you into the deep end of coding, Disney Codeillusion strategically builds your skill set in any coding lesson you attend. Once you have mastered one concept, the next lesson will expand on and reinforce the previous one. This learning model helps you retain information and gain confidence in your coding abilities.

4. Learn Anytime

Your Disney Codeillusion courses are perfectly suited for your busy schedule. You can build coding into your life, instead of struggling to make it to class on time. Learning programming languages and coding has never been this convenient and enjoyable.

5. Enjoy Your Coding Exercises

We’re grown up enough to know that Disney magic isn’t just for kids. Unlike coding bootcamps and online code learning courses, Disney Codeillusion prioritizes your professional development through fun and engagement whichever coding course you're in. Through Disney Codeillusion, you can explore coding through games, original Disney movie scenes, and opportunities to create your own media art.

Through comprehensive coding instruction and an immersive learning world, Disney Codeillusion helps adult learners maintain their motivation and meet their coding goals.

Whether you’re looking to lay the groundwork for a professional change or explore a new passion, a coding course with Disney Codeillusion transforms dreams into reality.

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The Extraordinary Elements of Disney Codeillusion

Online Coding Class Exercises with some Disney Flair

Your digital classroom won’t be your computer screen, but instead, Agrabah, Arendelle, and Wonderland, just to name a few. Through these enchanting worlds, practicing coding will be an immersive, exciting experience.

Comprehensive and Creative Curriculum

You can practice and explore the foundations of coding through Disney Codeillusion’s comprehensive curriculum. With 125 lessons, each 30 minutes long on average, you’ll cover essential coding concepts and four core programming languages, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Processing

Web Design

  • Learn like a web developer and practice the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 starting with the basics. A basic tutorial will tackle coding websites to help you create your own original website with access to homepage and web development knowledge.

Game Development

  • Create games of all styles including action games, puzzle games, concentration, racing games, and more.
  • Understand how games are made and acquire skills in game development from a Creator’s perspective.

Media Art

  • Create moving art pieces with algorithms and make CGs (computer generated images) with programming.
  • Play to the very end and learn to create the magic of Media Art to surprise even professional artists

Designed For Your Coding Success

Thanks to over a decade of coding education experience, Disney Codeillusion has developed a self-propelled learning cycle to help you meet your coding goals. Every stage of the process is designed to:

  • Fuel your motivation to learn coding
  • Seamlessly integrate previously mastered lessons to build your skill set
  • Ingrain coding concepts through practical application

Through proven learning techniques and curriculum, Disney Codeillusion helps you navigate around programming concepts and captain a successful expedition into the world of coding.

Frustration-Free Online Learning Platform

Sometimes, a little help can go a long way when you’re learning to code. That’s why Disney Codeillusion offers hints to guide you through every lesson, project, and task. No matter your level of coding background or programming experience, Disney Codeillusion creates a “no-stuck” learning experience throughout the course.

Learning and Entertainment

Similar to a codiing game, Disney Codeillusion blends entertainment with instruction through a Role Playing Game (RPG) format. Through coding, you’ll be able to create games, enjoy unique Disney displays, and engage with Disney characters.

Coding Coaching for Your Career Goals

Exploring coding with Disney Codeillusion can be a crucial step in your professional career - whether you are looking into becoming a developer or you would like to have some coding knowledge for your next job. You’ll cover the fundamentals and practical applications of coding without having to invest in an expensive college degree or bootcamp. With Disney Codeillusion, you’ll gain comprehensive coding experience and practical skills to add to your resume or jumpstart a change in your career.

Support from Start to Finish

Currently, fewer than 10% of people who start online coding courses actually finish them. The problem? A loss of motivation. That’s why Disney Codeillusion makes it easy for you to see your growth and progress with every lesson. Whether you're an absolute beginner or have some basic programming knowledge, the learning system motivates and inspires you toward your coding and career goals.

What's Included

Lifetime Access To 125 Web-Based Lessons

Keepsake Magic Book

Virtual Mentor

Commemorative Postcards

Mystery Puzzles

4 Languages: HTML, Javascript, Processing & CSS

What Our Students are Saying

At first glance, this looks like a program for children but this is actually something that teens and adults can really use. The content is stimulating for adults and so substantial that it’s going to help me stand out in the workforce.

Rhemy King, Age 34

It starts off from the ground up, so it’s going to start with computer basics, then coding basics, and then ramp up quickly from there. So if you have no experience whatsoever it’s going to bring you up there quickly.

The Friendly Reviewer

Disney Codeillusion instantly caught my attention because I can create my favorite Disney scenes and more on my own! loved Disney Codeillusion the second I got started!

Sabrina German, Age 27

It’s very engaging, and it made me wish my own computer programming classes back in the day were as immersive.

Scott Kramer of Forbes

When I started using Disney Codeillusion my husband had to remind me to get off of the computer. It was so engaging I never wanted to stop. I had to put a schedule in place to make sure I took time for other things.

Rhemy King, Age 34

I’ve tried multiple other programs but Disney Codeillusion was the only one that made coding fun! I can code some of my favorite Disney scenes with all my favorite characters. With Disney Codeillusion, basic concepts are repeated throughout each lesson which makes learning even easier.

Sabrina German, age 27

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