Begin learning to code with Disney Codeillusion today!

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Begin learning to code with Disney Codeillusion today!

Why Codeillusion is the best for you?

In your full package of Codeillusion we continue to provide the best learning experience for you and keep pesky snags to a minimum

1) Engaging learning method

With the overall goal being to learn how to code, we set mini goals and targets for you along the way. This way, you're able to see your progress, be proud of your accomplisments and remain motivated to continue to learn!

2) Step-by-Step approach

Complex programs and concepts are broken down into manageable, bite-sized pieces just for you.

3) No "stuck" experiences

You'll always have access to hints when you need them to ensure your progress and success in each lesson.

Award Winning System

Thanks to the world renowned MOZER learning system that provides you with the perfect learning environment that's interactive, entertaining and fun.

Enjoy well-designed, entertaining and engaging lessons in the full package

Here are a few examples of what you'll be able to create with the skills you'll learn in Codeillusion

Begin learning to code with Disney Codeillusion today!

Countless elements to make your coding journey a fun one.


You'll go on an adventure to save the magical world of Technologia

Magic Book

You will recieve a physical, keepsake magic book when you purchase Codeillusion

Your magic book is filled with unique items



Begin learning to code with Disney Codeillusion today!

User's Voice

"I have tried Codeacademy and at the time if I made a mistake it didn’t tell me what was wrong or give me hints on how to fix it. However with Codeillusion, I was able to get hints if I was stuck and I was taken step by step through each lesson and it really made all the difference."

"It's the approach to teaching code that makes codeillusion so unique. You turn it into a fun game, and that fun will keep attracting people's attention to the subject and therefore, enable them to learn the material easily."

"At the end of a work day, I am mentally exhausted so trying to learn programming before bedtime is really tough to absorb. But with Codeillusion, it doesn't feel so much like studying, because I view it as a game, and a story with my input. It easily turns into a fun night of learning."

Begin learning to code with Disney Codeillusion today!