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Product Outline

Codeillusion is a beginner friendly self instructional online programming tutorial.

*This product runs on a browser.

Feature 1

Get hooked on learning!

A role-playing game that offers a truly authentic gaming experience

Codeillusion is not just a program that has been supplemented with gaming elements, but an actual, full-featured game with a fully developed worldview and storyline that occupies the center of the player's learning experience. Players hone their programming skills with minimal effort by simply immersing themselves in the game. This serves as a highly effective learning process in which players are much less likely to give up than more conventional methods.


The World of Codeillusion revolves around an epic story. As the story's protagonist, you explore a new world of curiosities and overcome various obstacles. All the while, a burning desire to find out what happens next in the game's captivating story will motivate you to continue making progress.


Codeillusion is filled with a wide set of original characters, each with their own unique personality and style. These characters have been carefully designed by renowned artists and you can look forward to encountering new artfully crafted characters as you continue on your journey.

Artworks (BG, items)

Codeillusion's story is made up of a variety of visually pleasing structures, worlds, and cut scenes. The magical backdrop created by the story's unique worldview is sure to surprise you with an experience like no other. The beautiful artworks produced by a team of Japanese animators is of the highest quality, providing a visual aesthetic that distinguishes Codeillusion from any other coding environment.

Lessons featuring 14 different Disney works

A total of 14 Disney works are featured in the game, ranging from classics such as "Snow White" and "Aladdin" to more recent works including "Frozen" and "Big Hero 6." The lessons in the game make use of the worldviews unique to each work and allow you to feel as if you are truly immersed in the world of Disney.


Snow Magic

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Big Hero 6

Breaking Tiles


Magic Carpet

Wreck-It Ralph

Sugar Rush


Missing Animal Finder

Beauty and the Beast

Mirror Magic

Wreck-It Ralph

Dungeon Escape

Little Mermaid

School of Fish

Lilo and Stitch

Stitch's Photo Gallery

Winnie the Pooh

Honey Hunt


Sky Lanterns

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jewel Puzzle

Alice in Wonderland

Queens Card

Sleeping Beauty

Dragon & Sword


Secret post-cards / Magical book / Mystery-solving

For Codeillusion, learning begins once you get your hands on the "magic book." You can obtain magical postcards as rewards for your progress, and as the story unfolds, you will get the chance to solve even more mysteries. Enjoy collecting as many of these items as you can while you learn valuable programming skills.

Magic Book

Disney Artworks Collection

This is a specially designed page that features famous scenes and characters from Disney films. Dive into the world of Disney before starting your lessons.

Disney Story & Postcard Folder

This folder contains pockets for you to insert postcards that you obtain upon the completion of lessons, on which the Disney stories that you have experienced are written.

Mystery-solving Page

Solve mysteries hidden throughout the story. The story progresses as you solve these mysteries.

Mysterious items

These are key items that masy serve as important clues in helping you solve mysteries.
These items can also be obtained as the story progresses.

Post Cards

Postcards can be obtained by clearing the respective chapters in the story.
These are postcards with exclusive, original designs that can only be obtained through this learning material. The postcards that you get can be stored in the magic book as you expand your collection.

Feature 2

Start from zero and develop genuine coding skills!

Even with no prior experience, you can acquire professional coding skills!
You’ll learn the fundamentals of code as you build a foundation for learning new programming languages.
By working with multiple languages and 3 different production themes in the learning process, this curriculum aims to help you develop a deeper understanding of programming as well as boost your motivation as you discover that each piece of knowledge you have picked up can have many useful applications.

- Web design - Games - Media art

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Feature 3

Lessons that encourage long-term learning

Our company has designed Codeillusion using our unique expertise in a manner that allows players to continuously build on their knowledge of programming.


Player motivation, achievements, features to encourage players to challenge themselves


Step-by-step learning


An error-free system

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