Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4 Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4 Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4 Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4 Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4 Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4

Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Entry Pack - Chapters 1-4

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What's Included

Begin your magical coding adventure with the Disney Codeillusion Entry Pack!

The perfect way to dive into the Disney Codeillusion world, you’ll enjoy the first four chapters complete with 71 comprehensive lessons across Media Art, Game Development and Web Design as you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript & Processing alongside some of your favorite Disney characters and original movie scenes like Aladdin, Zootopia, Beauty & the Beast and more!

Your Disney Codeillusion Entry Pack also includes the renowned role playing experience and immersive narrative where you take on the role of Akito - the newest student at Technologia School of Magic. Embark on your coding journey where you'll encounter a number of obstacles and challenges that only your coding know-how will help you overcome!

As you navigate and complete your online lessons, you’ll also enjoy an unmatched offline experience with your Disney Codeillusion Entry Pack, tying the two experiences together, and bringing your coding adventure full circle. With the help of your trusty, keepsake Magic Book, the in-game puzzles come alive in the form of tactile clues you can touch, rearrange, and place on the pages yourself. You’ll find yourself in a new world of immersive, physical encounters with color coded stickers, cards you fold to uncover patterns and specialized notes you wet with water to reveal the secret clues that lay beneath the surface.

Filling the pages of your Magic Book with mystery puzzles, one-of-a-kind secret postcards, and lesson notes doesn’t just make your coding adventure real... it makes it magical!

Start your coding adventure today!

*Once you master and complete all online lessons included in your Disney Codeillusion Entry Pack, you’ll be able to continue your coding education journey by purchasing the remaining three advanced chapters to complete the full curriculum and fill in the remaining pages of your Magic Book.

  • 71 Lessons

    Exciting & Engaging Curriculum

  • 8 Original

    Disney Scenes

  • 30 Minutes

    Average per lesson

  • Virtual Mentor

  • 4 Languages

    HTML, Javascript, Processing & CSS

  • Role Playing Game (RPG)

  • Keepsake Magic Book

  • Commemorative Postcards

  • Mystery Puzzles

Why Buy Disney Codeillusion?

"It starts off from the ground up, so it’s going to start with computer basics, then coding basics, and then ramp up quickly from there. So if you have no experience whatsoever it’s going to bring you up there quickly."

The Friendly Reviewer

"It’s very engaging, and it made me wish my own computer programming classes back in the day were as immersive."

Scott Kramer of Forbes

"I’ve tried multiple other programs but Disney Codeillusion was the only one that made coding fun! I can code some of my favorite Disney scenes with all my favorite characters. With Disney Codeillusion, basic concepts are repeated throughout each lesson which makes learning even easier."

Eric Landrum, Age 41

"Truly, with respect to its breadth and depth, Disney Codeillusion is akin to a computer programming bootcamp. The best part is that Codeillusion is aimed at coders of all ages."

Rebekah Barton, Inside the Magic

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