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Disney Codeillusion Enchanted

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What's Included

Dive into the world of coding with Disney Codeillusion Enchanted! Enjoy 125 comprehensive lessons across Media Art, Game Development and Web Design as you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript & Processing alongside some of your favorite Disney characters and original movies.

Your Disney Codeillusion Enchanted coding education program also includes an unmatched offline experience with a keepsake magic book, postcards and mystery puzzles bringing the role playing game (RPG) full circle.

Start your magical coding adventure today!

  • 125 Lessons

  • 14 Original

    Disney Scenes

  • 30 minutes

    Average per lesson

  • Virtual Mentor

  • 4 languages

    HTML, Javascript, Processing & CSS

  • Role Playing Game

  • Immersive Narative

  • Keepsake Magic Book

  • Commemorative Postcards

  • Mystery Puzzles

Why Buy Disney Codeillusion?

"I like it because you can draw stuff and code stuff. I want to program more because of it!"

Logan, 9 years old

"I have never coded in my life and fell in love with Disney Codeillusion. Easy to understand and fun. I didn’t want to stop once I got started. It’s a video game of learning! I highly recommend it!"

Rene Huxtable, Age 42

"There definitely is a game element to the storyline and plot, but this is so much more than a game. While being entertained in the game format ou are learning, retaining, and figuring out how to use javascript, html, css, processing and gain an understanding of how to write code. I guess I would say it's a game where you take away real life skills and a foundation for coding."

Eric Landrum, Age 41

"At first glance, this looks like a program for children but this is actually something that teens and adults can really use. The content is stimulating for adults and so substantial that it's going to help me stand out in the workfoce."

Rhemy King, Age 34

"I’ve tried multiple other programs but Disney Codeillusion was the only one that made coding fun! I can code some of my favorite Disney scenes with all my favorite characters. With Disney Codeillusion, basic concepts are repeated throughout each lesson which makes learning even easier."

Sabrina German, Age 27

"Disney Codeillusion is great. It's the only way for me to study coding since it isn't boring. Other coding programs that I've tried are so boring - Disney Codeillusion is awesome

Ethan Canton, Age 23
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System Requirements

Supported Operating System (OS):

  •   Windows 7/8.1/10 or higher
  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)/macOS Sierra (10.12)/macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher
Supported Browsers:

  •   Windows Chrome - latest version
  • MacOS Chrome - latest version
Screen Resolution:

  •   1366x768p or higher
Connection Speed:

  •   3 Mbps or faster