Is Coding Hard?

Computer code may strike some people as being an intimidating or complex language that only the technically minded can understand. However, this simply isn't the case. Coding doesn't have to be difficult. 

If you’re a student, parent, or teacher with no previous experience in coding, don’t worry. Let’s examine the various ways that coding can be learned easily—because everyone deserves to experience the magical world of computer programming.

The Difficulty of Coding: Where the Idea Comes From

Did you know that fewer than 10% of people who start online coding courses ever finish them? 

Many people stop because they believe that coding is too hard for them to understand or they are not "tech-savvy" enough to do it. Programming languages are full of symbols that can be confusing to a newcomer, so it's easy to see why so many people believe coding is difficult.1

Like any other foreign language, coding is challenging to learn at first. To understand programming, a novice coder must break down the coding language and learn each individual 

part. This is much like studying another language by first learning the individual words, then the grammar, and gradually mastering more complex sentence structures.

When Does Coding Become Easier?

Once a person understands these basics, coding as a whole becomes much easier to grasp. Unfortunately, many people quit before they can even discover the magic of coding because they are intimidated by the learning curve. 

It's important to note that you can't learn coding from scratch in one day! Learning any new skill takes practice.2 To begin, you can simply work in small increments. 

Improve Gradually, Over Time

Start by learning simple coding concepts and work your way up. Once a coder understands the basics, there is no obstacle they cannot overcome. There are even simple online resources to help you get started with basic coding in just a few lessons!

Learning to code is like learning any other skill. It simply takes practice, patience, and time. 

Even if you have no computer programming experience, anyone can learn to code with the proper methods. Although it is helpful to take a basic coding course before attempting to learn on your own, it is not critical. As long as a person has proper guidance and the right mindset, they can master coding skills regardless of where they started from. 

The trick is to keep at it!

How to Learn Coding

So, what are the best ways of learning to code? Unfortunately, there’s not one simple answer—all people approach the learning process differently. Some prefer a structured tutorial course online. Others prefer more interactive experiences like a role-playing coding challenge.

However, no matter how they start, the most important thing to learn effectively is to not stop.

For that, you might need some motivation. And maybe a hint of magic.

That’s where Disney Codeillusion helps coders of all ages. Anybody can begin by learning a programming language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing—and that’s exactly where the role-playing, magical journey starts with Disney Codeillusion

How Disney CodeIllusion Makes Learning to Code Easier

If you’re been wondering how to make coding fun, Disney Codeillusion is a great place to begin. Disney Codeillusion is an RPG-style educational platform that’s meant to teach coding skills through the lens of a Disney-style adventure. Students first complete various mini-goals as they learn code basics, and then they discover new approaches to intermediate concepts in coding.

Disney Codeillusion features: 

  • 125 lessons that are approximately 30 minutes each 
  • 4 programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing)
  • 3 focus areas (Media Art, Web Design, and Game Development)
  • A virtual mentor to ensure students enjoy a “no-stuck” experience

Disney Codeillusion also takes a unique approach to coding. Utilizing elements of popular role-playing adventures, Disney Codeillusion places new coders in the middle of the fictional Technologia School of Magic—a magic academy featuring some of your favorite Disney characters. 

With each task, coders are not only progressing the story, but also practicing their coding skills.

And the best part is that Disney Codeillusion is designed so that anyone can code! From the very beginning of the programming experience, coders are brought up to speed on the computer abilities they will need to get the most out of Disney Codeillusion. From there, the program takes a building block approach starting with basic concepts then progressing to intermediate and advanced lessons ensuring that everyone can learn to code with Disney Codeillusion.

The true magic of Disney Codeillusion? No matter what your current programming skill level, Disney CodeIllusion can help bring your coding knowledge to the next level and even offer you real-world skills applicable to coding job opportunities. 

To get started on your coding adventure, begin your free trial today.


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