What's Included

  • 125 Lessons

    Hours of robust and engaging content

  • 14 Original Disney Scenes

    A sprinkle of magic at every turn

  • 30-minute learning modules

    Bite-sized learning for maximum retention

  • A virtual mentor to guarantee a no-stuck experience

    A built-in teaching assistant

  • 4 core programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing

    Build a solid foundation from the ground up

  • Teacher’s Notes & Lesson Overviews

    Lesson instruction and facilitation made simple

  • 3 focus areas: Media Art, Web Design, Game Development

    Something for every student

  • “Take Home” Assignments to Supplement Curriculum

    The learning continues outside of classroom hours

No software installation or setup required Our ready to go coding experience means no extra steps (or stress). Works on any desktop or laptop including Chromebooks.

Built for Educators, Designed to Inspire

Disney Codeillusion’s unique approach to coding for schools seamlessly integrates with in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning models to become an asset in any educational environment. Disney Codeillusion helps cut down hours of prep time and sets you and your classroom up for success.

Engaging & Enjoyable

Students love Disney Codeillusion—not just because it’s filled with their favorite characters and storylines. This innovative coding program was intentionally designed to keep students engaged and entertained in each lesson and motivated to reach the next checkpoint. We intentionally prioritize making our lessons fun and exciting so students are captivated by the content and motivated to learn!

Meaningful Self-Propelled Learning

Students learn more than just coding—they discover how to learn. In our lessons, we encourage student’s curiosity, and let them explore with a trial and error mindset! Instead of having a “right” and “wrong” answer, we make sure our lessons reward the process of discovery instead of only focusing on the “correct” outcome. Equipped with a self-propelled learning cycle and step-by-step coding instructions, each student embarks on their own programming adventure. Along the way, they pick up practical coding skills, while taking ownership of their education and exploring different facets of programming. Plus, with the program’s no-stuck approach and interactive environment, students will build their confidence with coding at their own speed.

Comprehensive, Reputable Coding Curriculum

Teachers know first-hand how important research, development, and education experience are in crafting proven learning systems with widespread applicability—that’s exactly what we’ve done. Disney Codeillusion’s 125-lesson curriculum was designed and developed by world-class industry leaders based on 10+ years of coding education experience.

Designed for Each & Every Student

Anyone can learn with Disney Codeillusion, and there’s something unique and exciting for everyone at every skill level. Whether your students are interested in media art, web design, or game development, they’ll practice the tools they need to express their creativity. Thanks to the varied subject matter and four core languages—HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing—there’s an aspect of coding that every student can enjoy.

No Coding Experience Required (for you or your students)!

You don’t have to be a professional web developer to help your students learn programming. In fact, you don’t need any prior coding experience at all! Disney Codeillusion offers valuable teaching tools, lesson guides, and resources to enhance the classroom experience. Teachers from any background can instruct their classes with confidence; empowered and equipped with the tools to assist students at important junctures reinforcing key concepts for sustained, long-term learning.

A Springboard to Future Success

Disney Codeillusion enables educators to prepare students for a bright future in one of the fastest-growing job markets. 1 This imaginative program also equips students with life-long problem-solving skills, critical thinking capabilities, and creative processing. Learning to code and embracing the inherent challenges fosters resilience and persistence—invaluable life skills for the next generation!

Your Students’ Favorite Part of the Day

Disney Codeillusion is here to help your students discover new skills and unlock a world of possibilities with coding. Learning to code is fun with their favorite games and the magic of their beloved Disney companions.

The Remedy to Learning Fatigue

Students often have trouble staying focused, attentive, and engaged—especially now given remote learning circumstances or different learning styles. Disney Codeillusion instantly breaks up the rhythm of the day with an exciting new activity and a different approach to learning.
Even the students who are intimidated by the very idea of coding will gravitate toward the self-propelled, no-stuck education experience. It’s a STEM-based program created with every child in mind.

Encourages Creativity & Curiosity

Despite the structured coding curriculum and step-by-step approach, Disney Codeillusion leaves plenty of room for students to think outside the box and arrive at solutions all on their own. Students are encouraged to play around with what they see on the screen, from changing color values to making things speed up. As they manipulate the code to find solutions they discover the magic of coding for themselves.

Real-World Application

With Disney Codeillusion, coding for students is inherently practical. Students practice writing standard coding languages using publicly available libraries. These real world applications empower them to switch from classroom assignments to real-world outputs, like personal projects, websites, and just-for-fun creations, now and in the future.

Interactive & Inviting

Gamification makes learning a new skill and learning coding actually fun. With Disney Codeillusion’s interactive interface, built-in activities, and some of your students’ favorite characters and scenes sprinkled throughout, it’s the most exciting way to learn and have fun. Inspire even the most reluctant students with the magic of Disney and our widely accessible platform.

Students Develop Skills for Success

Disney Codeillusion is here to help your students discover new skills and unlock a world of possibilities with coding. Learning to code is fun with their favorite games and the magic of their beloved Disney companions.

Bringing Disney Codeillusion for Schools to Your School is as Easy as 1,2,3!

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    Fill out our simple free trial form
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    A member of our team will be in touch the same day to share program materials, helpful tips and your log-in credentials
  • 3
    Bring the magic of Disney Codeillusion to your students and classroom!

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What Educators are Saying

Disney Codeillusion does a thorough job of teaching students to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a fun, interactive way.

- Traci Sellers, Computer Science and Physics Teacher, Barnegat High School

My students absolutely love learning to code with Disney Codeillusion! It seems like they can never get enough - which is so incredible to see.

- Middle School Computer Science Teacher

The resources that go with the curriculum really set the program apart. I feel confident instructing my students and know they’re mastering core coding concepts in an inviting and engaging way.

- 4th Grade Elementary School Teacher

A Magical Learning Tool for Students & Teachers Alike

Gold Star for Schooling A Comprehensive Coding Curriculum

  • Tackle web-based, fully-interactive lessons
  • Progress from basic coding to advanced programming concepts
  • Practice valuable skills in game development, web design, and media art
  • Learn in four core programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing

A+ for Amusement The Magic of Disney & Fun of Gameplay

  • Break tiles with Baymax from Big Hero 6
  • Practice snow magic with Queen Elsa
  • Design a website with Zootopia’s Nick & Judy
  • Soar through the sky on Aladdin’s magic carpet

Infuse valuable hard skills like coding with the fun and excitement of a magical Disney experience for the ultimate educational tool. Teach differently—starting now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Codeillusion is an immersive, educational coding experience to make the difficult concepts of computer programming more engaging, fun, and accessible for all students.

Disney Codeillusion is a self-propelled learning program, making it easy to incorporate into virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning environments. Teachers can choose to assign lessons for at-home practice, during in-class modules covering math, science, computers, and more, or as an exciting break from traditional instruction.

Students practice concrete coding skills in game development, web design, and media art. The lessons focus on four primary coding languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing.

Absolutely not! The magic of Disney Codeillusion is that it’s easy to navigate for all students because of the built-in virtual mentors, detailed step-by-step instructions, and no-stuck guarantee.

Each of the 30-minute (on average) 125 lessons is totally unique, covering a broad range of activities. The courses include easy-to-follow instruction followed by opportunities to put each lesson into practice—create moving digital art pieces and games of all styles, design your own unique websites, and complete challenges alongside some of your favorite Disney friends.

Disney Codeillusion for Schools is perfect for Middle School students as the self-propelled learning system enables them to navigate each lesson with ease. While it is also suitable for elementary school students aged 8 and up, younger students can also enjoy it but may require more guidance at first.

To bring Disney Codeillusion to your school, simply fill out the free trial form. Be sure to include your preferred start date and the number of students that will be participating.