Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech

For Dreamers in Development

  • Real-World Skills for Real-Life Success

    With real-world application at the heart of each lesson, students will be set up for real-life success as they’re empowered to create their own original works, explore creative solutions to everyday problems and more.

  • Max Engagement for Max Retention

    Students face exciting new challenges through a familiar, beloved framework inspiring curiosity, creativity, and exploration—holding their interest all year long.

  • Today’s Icons Helping Tomorrow’s Leaders

    Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech comes from the best minds in the industry and real-world programmers—we’re talking the folks behind Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel classics and more. We know exactly what it takes to succeed in the industry and our courses have been designed to ensure that knowledge is passed onto the next generation of programmers.

  • Standard-Aligned & Mapped for Growth

    Through a competency-based curriculum that’s CSTA standard-aligned, Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech meets students where they are and grows with them as they develop—mapping their progress along the way with comprehensive lessons and formative + summative assessments.

  • Custom Programs with Flexible Pricing

    With a flexible licensing model and customizable programs that consider your year-over-year progression plans, class structure, program goals, and specialized needs, you can open up a world of possibilities for your students—no matter what your school’s budget is.

  • White Glove Support So You Thrive

    From day one, you and your students can get straight to learning—no chance of getting stuck with implementation or troubleshooting woes thanks to the support of your dedicated customer success team who will be with you every step of the way.

We’re Enchanting Every Classroom—Here’s How

1. No Coding Experience? No Problem.

Our step-by-step curriculum is designed for learners and educators of all skill levels, complete with comprehensive teachers' resources, robust support and training that make it simple and enjoyable to bring coding into the classroom.

2. Curriculum Pathways to Grow with You.

Beginning with Disney Codeillusion and then moving into Advanced Disney Codeillusion, Computer Science Essentials, AI with Python and more, students lay a solid foundation that grows year over year with them to make the skills learned have a meaningful impact and benefit to their future.

3. Bring Joy to the Classroom

Our curriculum features familiar characters—anime, Disney and more—within a gamified, immersive learning environment, encouraging students to solve real-world problems. These features, along with many more, reinvigorate students and teachers alike as the magic of coding enters the classroom.

No software installation or setup required Our ready-to-go coding experience means no extra steps (or stress). Works on any desktop or laptop including Chromebooks.

Built for Educators, Designed to Inspire

With dedicated 1:1 support, a fully mapped, standard-aligned curriculum, and robust professional resources to ease training and onboarding, you can finally focus on what’s most important: creating meaningful connections with your students.

Maximum Retention Modules

Our innovative coding program was intentionally designed with captivating 30-minute learning modules (on average) to keep students engaged and entertained in each lesson and motivated to reach the next checkpoint.

Meaningful Self-Propelled Learning

Equipped with a self-propelled learning cycle, step-by-step coding instructions, and a no-stuck approach, each student can embark on their own programming adventure, gaining practical coding skills and new levels of confidence along the way.

Programming Projects for Real-World Experience

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech’s external projects bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. Leveraging a third-party integrated development environment (IDE) allows students to build and create their own original works that can serve as their own unique portfolios reinforcing their learning and taking their experience outside of the platform!

Designed for Each & Every Student

With Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech, there are unique and exciting learning pathways for every student, at every skill level. Whether your students are interested in media art, web design, or game development, they’ll be able to explore new outlets for their creativity while they gain critical experience writing in the four core coding languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing.

Comprehensive Support, No Coding Experience Necessary

With Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech, teachers from any background can instruct their classes with confidence—equipped with teaching tools and 1:1 support to assist you as you guide your students to sustained, long-term learning.

A Clear Path to Successful Coding Careers

By fostering critical thinking capabilities, SEL, and creative processing while providing the resources to launch into ancillary projects and craft compelling portfolios, this imaginative program opens doors for all students—even after they graduate.

A Joyful Coding Journey for Students

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech is here to help your students unlock a world of possibilities with coding. Learning to code is fun and meaningful—especially when it involves building hard and soft skills in a gamified experience that’s welcoming, familiar, and motivating at the same time.

Inspires Engagement

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech instantly breaks up the rhythm of the day with its exciting new activities and an engaging approach to coding education. With bite-sized modules that feel like play, students of all interests and backgrounds will gravitate toward this self-propelled, no-stuck education experience.

Encourages Exploration

Our curriculum leaves plenty of room for students to think outside the box—rewarding exploration and curiosity, not just outcomes. Students are encouraged to explore in a “sandbox” environment that shows them what happens when they change a number from “1” to “100” or when they swap one function with another. It’s this exploration and curiosity that keeps students engaged and interested day in and day out.

Applies to Real Life

Celebrate the magic of coding—and its real-world relevance. Students gain access to innovative tools and critical skill sets that will inform their creative pursuits and career ambitions for years to come.

Reaches All Students

Through its gamified structure, our dynamic platform makes practicing coding skills interactive and inviting. With an engaging interface, built-in games, and beloved characters and stories, you can inspire all of your students. Students will be met where they’re at and challenged appropriately given their prior experience and learning preferences.

Builds Lasting Success

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech makes developing valuable real-world skills feel like a magical adventure. As they explore focus areas including media art, web design, and game development, students will gain experience in thrilling, innovative fields and make strides toward their dreams with confidence and support.

Bringing Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech to Your School is as Easy as 1,2,3!

  • 1
    Fill out our quick form
  • 2
    A member of our team will be in touch the same day to schedule your custom demo
  • 3
    Attend your custom demo and bring the magic of Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech to your students!

What Educators are Saying

I’ve done a lot of other coding programs and Disney Codeillusion is the easiest on us teachers to use since there’s so many resources and it’s laid out so well.

- Stella, Elementary STEM Teacher

The external projects are GREAT - they really boost my student’s confidence and give them those real world “AHA!” moments

- Celia, Middle School CS Teacher

I love that the content and characters are familiar to our teachers and students, it makes it much more fun and makes teaching easier.

- Holly, District Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Deepen Your Students’ Curiosity with Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech

The Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech Difference

Disney Codeillusion for Schools

Engagement-Oriented Structure

With familiar characters, a gamified structure and bite-sized learning modules, our curriculum boosts retention and increases enjoyment.

Real-World Relevance

Built around foundational coding languages and hyper-relevant focus areas, all materials covered have the real-world at their core and connect seamlessly to ancillary projects and applications.

Created by Industry Icons

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech was developed by the leading names in gaming and computer programming to prioritize students’ future success in today’s most competitive fields.

Comprehensive K-12 Pathway

With curriculum intended to grow year over year with students that spans the full spectrum of computer programming and coding education, we’re able to truly set all of your students up for success.

Flexible Program Options

We consider each school’s unique needs and goals—including year-over-year progression plans, class structures, and funds—to create custom options for every school, class, and budget.

Robust Curriculum

Fully standard-aligned curriculum exposes students to comprehensive, innovative and relevant courses in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Other Coding Programs for Schools

Low Engagement

Most coding programs rely on static, formulaic course structures that fail to keep students engaged and excited about their learning journeys.

No Real-World Application

Competing curriculums are stuck in the classroom—and don’t seamlessly translate to real-world applications or career-readiness pathways.

Created with a Narrow Focus

Programs developed solely by traditional educators miss the mark as they overlook long term retention goals for each learner.

Incomplete Pathways

Other programs offer sporadic and thin growth plans that are unable to reach and benefit all levels.

Limiting Program Options

Many programs refuse to customize their pricing or license offerings to accommodate the unique sets of needs, goals, structures, and financial realities that all schools face.

Lackluster Curriculum

Lacking robust lessons and materials, competing programs struggle to meet learning standards and achieve learning targets.

Take the crucial first step of you and your student’s magical coding journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech is a self-propelled learning program, making it easy to incorporate into virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning environments. Teachers can choose to assign lessons for at-home practice, during in-class modules covering math, science, computers, and more, or as an exciting break from traditional instruction.

Students practice concrete coding skills in game development, web design, game design and media art. The lessons focus on primary coding languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing and Shader GLSL.

Absolutely not! The magic of Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech is that it’s easy to navigate for all students because of the built-in virtual mentor, detailed step-by-step instructions, and no-stuck guarantee.

With dedicated 1:1 support from a customer success representative, implementing and facilitating Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech in your classroom couldn’t be simpler. Beyond comprehensive training and a frictionless onboarding process, you’ll have access to robust professional development resources and continued training.

To bring Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech to your school, simply fill out the form for a custom demo. Be sure to include your preferred start date and the number of students that will be participating.

Yes. We believe that educators should be able to focus their time on building meaningful connections with their students—not on tedious tasks like grant writing. If you have concerns about your budget, reach out today. We’ll work out a path that doesn’t put more work on your plate. You can learn more about our program pricing here

At Life is Tech, we believe in bringing the magic of code to all students—everywhere. With our custom quotes and flexible program options, we can deliver exciting educational adventures to any school or program type.

The engaging lessons in Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech are each fully standard-aligned and mapped with formative and summative assessments to ensure that your students are prepared to achieve the best possible outcomes.

While our current programs are perfect for students in grades 3 to 12, we’re developing features and new curriculum that will make Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech suitable for grades 1 and 2, as well. Our curriculum spans multiple years to bring the magic of coding to every stage of a student’s growth.

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech is fully compatible with desktop and laptop computers including Chromebooks. Interested in running our platform on an iPad or tablet? Talk to a sales lead today.

We carefully consider your unique needs, objectives, year-over-year progression plans, class structure, and financial constraints to provide you with program options that suit your school, your students, and your budget. Our flexible licensing plans start as low as $5 per student per year, but we also offer school and district-wide options for larger rollouts. To learn more, visit our pricing page today or request a custom demo to discuss further. You can learn more about our program pricing here

Lessons are competency-based and build off of one another in a scaffolded fashion. Students will navigate through gem lessons in each chapter that serve as their formative assessments and then tackle book lessons that serve as their summative assessments. Lesson complexity ramps up from chapter to chapter starting from the basics and quickly moving to intermediate and advanced materials.