Top Takeaways from WVSTC 2022

WVSTC was back to in-person this year and we were excited to finally meet educators and administrators IRL! Read on for our top takeaways from the event and what’s top-of-mind for West Virginia educators when it comes to computer science/STEM education.

But first, our team had to get to WVSTC…

Tiny airplane on the tarmac Yes, that’s a mighty small plane. Fortunately, the (fearless) pilots delivered everyone safely to Morgantown.


Life is Tech team members at the booth We made it! So did Donald and Mickey after taking an unplanned detour through Pennsylvania apart from the rest of our booth materials.


Life is Tech team members giving a presentation Julie and Amanda gave a stellar presentation on A Modern Day Approach to Coding Education with Project-Based Learning.


Here’s what we learned at WVSTC and highlights from our conversations with educators and administrators:

  1. Schools in West Virginia are just getting started with computer science–many do not have a CS/STEM curriculum in place, or are in the very early stages (1st or 2nd year of a program). They need CS programs that are flexible and can easily be implemented in existing classrooms or curricula, and that don’t require STEM labs.
  2. Seamless implementation that anyone can drive is critical–schools and districts need tech stack compatibility (with Clever, Classlink, for SSO, etc). Ease of use removes the burden for teachers who don’t have a technical background, aren’t CS-certified and/or don’t have time for a lot of training.
  3. Now is the best time to start a CS/STEM program–work with what you have and it’s fine to start small. It’s all about giving students exposure and opening their minds to a world of possibilities.
  4. K-2 needs high-engagement and creative, out-of-the-box activities, especially for cross-curricular instruction.
  5. In WV the work landscape is shifting, with some industries becoming less consistent and reliable sources of employment. Even if students forego higher education they still need to have 21st-century skills for careers after graduation. Coding education gives them exposure to real-world applications and skills they can use in future careers.


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