Learning contents

Lessons are structured in such a way that even beginners will not stumble, with detailed steps and directions for each theme.
Also, after learning, you will gain the practical skills to create your very own original games, art pieces, and websites.

Languages to be used in the lessons

Media art

Processing, JavaScript


Processing, JavaScript

Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Media art

You will create CGs with programming and algorithms and make moving art pieces. A language called Processing is mainly used, but by simply writing a program much shorter than you'd imagine, you will be able to create surprisingly rich expressions, which will play a large role in continously sparking your interest and nurturing your self-confidence with regard for programming.
If you are able to play to the very end and learn to create the magic of Media Art, you will surely become able to create digital pieces that will surprise even professional artists.


Examples of Media Art learning contents

Draw circles, rectangles, and lines
Move items
Rotate items
Change item and background colors
Display many items
Control items in a complex ways
Paste images on items and backgrounds
Master trigonomic functions
The basics of algorithms
Create beautiful interactive art

*In the Media Art course, you will learn using a language called "p5.js," which has been ported so that Processing runs on JavaScript.

Game Development

You will create games of all styles, including action games in which you can move Disney characters, racing games, concentration, puzzle games, and so on.
Aside from the basics of programming and algorithms, you will use a language called Processing to have fun understanding the usefulness of mathematics and physics through a distinctly fun experience. If you are able to understand and acquire the magic of Game Development, you will be equipped to deeply understand how games that you have only been playing and seeing from the player's perspective are made - now from the creator's perspective and properly acquire the skills to create original games as well.

Examples of Game Development learning contents

Display characters
Control characters to go left and right
Make characters jump
Determine collisions between characters and items
Display scores
Add time limits
Make power-up items
Mode-switching such as title/play/game over
Display effects such as flames and explosions

*In the Game Development course, you will learn using a language called "p5.js," which has been ported so that Processing runs on JavaScript.

Web Design

You will have access to the knowledge of homepage and web development that will allow you to be able to design using materials of Disney characters.
By learning the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3, which are languages for building websites, starting with the basics, you will understand how the websites that you usually see are made and become able to create your own original website. In the middle of the story, you will be invited to the entrance of web development that is one step above using JavaScript.

Examples of Web Design learning contents

Basic knowledge of HTML
Basic knowledge of CSS
Decorate characters
Display photos
Lay out screens
Press buttons
Creating screens with movement