Learn to code from the
comfort of your home!
Enjoy intimate small-group lessons with one expert instructor for 5-6 people. Your experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way making sure you master everything from how to use a computer to the basics of programming.

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3 Important Things

Don't Worry

If it’s your first time coding. We’ll start with computer basics and build from there!


There's No Need

There's no need for parental guidance during the program - we have you covered.

Program curriculum

Blends entertainment and education with the magical world of Disney for top results.


Lesson Content

Your three lessons will focus on Media Art where you'll create digital art expressions with JavaScript. We will start from the basics of the computer and build from there, so even if you're new to programming you'll be able to keep up!

Part 1:
Computer Essentials

Part 2:
Circle Art

Part 3:
Tangled & Lantern Magic

Lesson Flow

Once you register, you'll be provided with a unique ID and password. Log in to access the lesson materials, open the online video tool 'ZOOM' and join your class.

Your class will have 4-5 other students in it as well as your instructor. If you get stuck or have a question you'll be able to ask it on the spot.

You'll end each lesson with a debrief with your classmates and instructor to guarantee full understanding.

Perfect for people of all ages, classes will begin the week of June 22 are designed specifically for:

Checklist for attendance

Check that your computer meets the system requirements.

Confirm that your network speed is more than 10 Mbps

Download and install Zoom on your computer

Check your camera and microphone settings in Zoom to ensure they're working properly.

Please read the following before you register

We will let you know how to access the material and how to set up the ZOOM after you register. The materials used within the lessons can only be accessed during the 3-weeks of the program. Please note that you will not be able to access your account after the program period ends. The program curriculum may be changed without prior notice.

For additional questions, please visit our FAQ