As a tech-aficionado or a gaming enthusiast, you’re fascinated by the world of game development and programming. You may have even wondered what kind of game designer you could become. But learning to code can be tedious and challenging even for the game-minded learner. Enter Disney Codeillusion, a coding course where you play to practice and develop coding skills.

Hurdling the Obstacles in Coding Instruction

Learning how to code often requires the same mentality as overcoming a challenging game. To spend the time necessary to beat a difficult level, the game itself needs to be engaging and fun. Otherwise, you may lose interest and move on to something else. The same can be applied to learning how to code. The coding environment needs to be immersive and gripping in order to take on the steep uphill battle that can be programming.

Yet, most coding courses and bootcamps ignore this, leading to the following problems:

1. Inaccessible Material

Many programming classes struggle to make coding topics accessible and understandable. The learning materials push students head-first into overly complicated concepts and expect results with very little support. Plus, most coding courses don’t always offer guidance in your game-development goals.

2. Tedious and Surface Level Courses

To hone your digital creation skills, you’ll need both breadth and depth of coding knowledge. Some coding courses don’t always translate concepts into understandable chunks; other courses may stay too surface level, leaving you with little practical knowledge or skills.

3. Making Time for Learning

Coding takes time to practice and learn. But the rigorous schedules of bootcamps or intensive programs don’t leave a lot of room for retaining all the information. Forcing coding into your schedule can actually cause major setbacks—if you happen to miss one lesson, you may struggle to catch up and finish the course.

4. Uninspired Learning Environments

The games you play and technology you love can inspire you for its creativity and inventiveness—things you won’t necessarily find in a typical coding course. Coding programs focus on the fundamentals, but tend to leave out all of the fun. The lack of engaging course material or projects can make coding a chore instead of a passion.

5. No Room for Error

The lessons you learn from mistakes are invaluable in computer programming. But without support or guidance, you may get stuck and fall behind.

All of these elements can hurt your motivation to learn and leave you feeling unenthusiastic about coding. It’s why the average coding course only has a 10% completion rate.

For a successful coding course, you need a coding curriculum developed with understanding of your goals, interests, and learning style. Because the best way to learn about coding is by playing. And there’s no better way to develop new coding skills (and play) than through the immersive coding lessons and games of Disney Codeillusion.

Disney Codeillusion: Endgame Coding Curriculum

Disney Codeillusion is built to engage, entertain, and, most importantly, educate. With captivating storylines and high-caliber animation, you’ll immerse yourself in a coding experience you won’t want to stop playing. Plus with Disney Codeillusion, you’ll benefit from:

1. Developed by Industry Icons

Disney Codeillusion’s course is designed and developed by some of the most iconic names in game development and comics. The former programmer, designer, and director of Sonic the Hedgehog at Sega, as well as CTO at Square Enix for games like Final Fantasy, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, has contributed his expertise for Disney Codeillusion’s coding program. In addition, Joe Caramagna, Harvey Award nominated letterer and writer for DC and Marvel comics, has also played a vital role in the development for Disney Codeillusion

2. A Course of Coding Games

Disney Codeillusion’s coding program makes learning intuitive through one key element—games. Play your way through RPG-style challenges with interactions from vibrant animated characters, and turn coding into an adventure.

3. Putting Skills to Practice

Disney Codeillusion’s course combines detailed instruction with a comprehensive coding curriculum. You will practice the foundations of computer programming and the applications of four coding languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing) through projects, puzzles, and games.

4. Learn According to Your Schedule

Not only does Disney Codeillusion offer comprehensive coding knowledge, but you can build your practice and development into your schedule. Instead of making time for an uninspiring coding class, you can learn at your own pace in a rich digital world.

5. An Extraordinary Digital Classroom

What else sets Disney Codeillusion apart from other coding courses or coding games online? Stunning animation, an engaging storyline, and interactive elements. You’ll be immersed in an RPG-style environment that challenges you, inspires you, and supports you at every stage.

6. A Stuck-Free Experience

Getting stuck on a coding concept, task, or project can be frustrating and can even detract from your learning experience. That’s why Disney Codeillusion has created a detailed step-by-step learning guide complete with a virtual mentor to walk you through every topic. And if you do get stuck on a problem or task, Disney Codeillusion’s interactive hints lead you to the answer intuitively.

Say no to stale coding classrooms and intimidating programming bootcamps, and say yes to the immersive world of Disney Codeillusion.

Start Your Coding Adventure

The Stunning Specs of Disney Codeillusion

An Extraordinary and Engaging Coding Program

Disney Codeillusion blends entertainment and instruction for maximum knowledge retention, engagement, and fun. With Disney Codeillusion, you can put your coding skills to the test through an RPG-style learning format. You’ll tackle games, puzzles, and challenges, to practice your programming skills.

Gain Practical Skills in Game Development, Web Design, and Media Art

With Disney Codeillusion, you’ll encounter the foundations of coding and how to apply those skills in meaningful ways. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Become familiar with the four core programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing
  • Know how to create moving art pieces Learn algorithms and functions
  • Create games of all styles, including action games to move Disney characters, racing games, concentration games, puzzle games, and more
  • Be able to create your own custom websites
  • Have access to homepage and web development knowledge Create stunning media art with algorithms and CGs with programming
  • Develop your own digital games

All while enjoying an interactive game-like learning experience in an engaging digital classroom.

Motivation and Encouragement from Start to Finish

Disney Codeillusion’s progress tracker fuels your motivation to learn. It’s why the course completion rates are so much higher than the average.

Your Learning Experience, Your Pace

With over ten years of coding education experience and research, the team at Disney Codeillusion has created a coding program uniquely built for your learning success. This self-propelled approach aims to support your individual style and pace throughout the course.

Online and Offline Method

Your Disney Codeillusion experience utilizes key coding lessons through the digital world and the real world. Digital and physical tools, activities, and materials make the learning experience engaging for every student.

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What’s Included

Lifetime Access To 125 Web-Based Lessons

Keepsake Magic Book

Virtual Mentor

Commemorative Postcards

Mystery Puzzles

4 Languages: HTML, Javascript, Processing & CSS

What Our Students are Saying

Being a woman who likes gaming, I loved that Disney Codeillusion gives me options to learn game development and beyond. Disney Codeillusions really gave me the starting tools to jump into coding and start creating websites, games, and more.

Sabrina German, age 27

I have never coded in my life and fell in love with Disney Codeillusion. Easy to understand and fun. I didn’t want to stop once I got started. It’s a video game of learning! I highly recommend it!

Rene Huxtable, age 42

Disney Codeillusion instantly caught my attention because I can create my favorite Disney scenes and more on my own! loved Disney Codeillusion the second I got started!

Sabrina German, age 27

Disney Codeillusion is unlike any online course I’ve ever seen before! There are 125 lessons centered around HTML, CSS, Javascript and Processing for web design, game design and media art. It’s more of an interactive journey than a course and it makes it more interesting for learning.

The Friendly Reviewer

It’s very engaging, and it made me wish my own computer programming classes back in the day were as immersive.

Scott Kramer of Forbes

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